In the life of a musician in New York, to have found some modest success in your field is to be perpetually absent from the city you spend such labors to survive within.

For new friendships and loves in the boroughs, small signals (the end of the recording process, the excitement of a new booking agent) begin the quick onset of dread, knowing the road calls and that all of the victories you so earnestly wish for your friend will draw them farther and farther away from you in direct proportion to their quantity and quality.

The time spent in the period before these bittersweet departures then, if noted and respected, can be a peaceful and connected sum, one with a potential for easy and accessible meaning.

On the eve of a lengthy cross-country tour with all the likely signs of ├ęclat and acclaim, the women of TEEN gathered in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn to lay to rest the residual summer and engage the uncertainty to come among friends.

Originally published November 14th, 2014 // La Blogotheque