Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld // Never Were The Way She Was

a film by Derrick Belcham
featuring Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld
performed by Nikki Theroux, Hannah Garner, Claudia Germuga, Fanny Sura, Bre Short, Krista Morgenson, Ayla Weisz, Michelle Sagarminaga, Gwendolyn Gussman, Maddie Irmen, Ellen Maynard, Louise Eberle, Alexandra Lockhart, Taylor Jo Oxley, Ariana Champlin, Elizabeth McGuire, Betheny Merola, Haylee Nichele, Brian Castillo, Holly Sass and Shelby Terrell
choreographed by Derrick Belcham with Mallory Rosenthal and Mary Cavett
production management by Nicole Gross
costumes by Lyndsey Purchon
directed, dp, edited and shot by Derrick Belcham
special thanks to The Knockdown Center