Greta Klein is the most disciplined songwriter I have ever met. Since April of 2009, she has released 47 separate recordings (LPs, Eps and singles) that plumb the depths of her psychology through reverie, longing, satire and a score of other forms that would leave Stephin Merritt feeling lackadaisical.

On a day that only barely teased at spring, Greta and Aaron (of Porches) met me in Washington Square Park to ogle the dogs, contemplate the motivations of the pigeon charmer and freeze our hands off highlighting a song from Greta’s latest work, and her first on vinyl,  Zentropy,  and an older one from her band camp releases.

The earnest, plain-spoken language through which Greta tells her stories is a refreshing antidote to the malaise of the city and the modern trend of burying poetry in reverb. Frankie Cosmos is life, simply told and essential.

I watch david blaine
find myself believing
in many things
in anything…

(From “On The Lips”)